Monkami is abiding by the Chief Health Officer and the Department of Health and Human Services' restrictions for Covid-19.

The current requirements for all disability services within Victoria, are that all disability support staff and visitors must wear a face mask at all times whilst they are working or visiting a Monkami site.

Our staff that are required to provide direct care to supported persons are required to wear a surgical face mask and a face shield whilst they deliver care.

Any visitors who wish to enter a Monkami Supported Independent Living home must wear a face mask during their visit and follow the physical distancing guidelines in place. If for a lawful reason, a visitor cannot wear a face mask (i.e. due to medical, communication or individual risk factors) they must use a face shield instead.

Participants are also required to wear masks in accordance with the Chief Health Officer and DHHS community restrictions and our staff will assist them to wear a face mask when leaving their home. In the case that mask wearing is unsafe for them to do so for medical, communication or other individual risk factors our staff will ensure other measures are put in place to reduce their risk.

Monkami are working tirelessly to monitor and implement any authoritative requirements and guidelines for the use of face masks in all of our services.