The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) is a relatively new scheme that solely works to support people with disabilities as well as their families and carers in Australia. Before the development and initiation of the NDIS, disability support organisations received funding via block amounts and then delivered pre-determined services to their participants.

These days, people receive their own individual funding and can access, purchase and claim for the supports that they want to receive. Allowing them the Choice and Control they so deserve.

Monkami believes that the NDIS provides so much more opportunities for our people within their homes and in the community and value and advocate for the development of the scheme.

Service that Monkami offers:

Our teams support people accessing the NDIS in many ways, some of which include: 

  • Discovering, accessing and utilising available supports and technology for their individual needs 

  • Supported Independent Living

  • Accessing the community and external services within the community

  • Support with personal care and daily living activities  

  • Enhancement and development of skills

  • Creating opportunities to connect with others (group activities) within Centre Based Supports or in the community

NDIS Resources:

The federal government body who fund the NDIS are The National Disability Insurance Agency.

They have a wide range of helpful and informative resources available for people participating in the scheme as well as their family and carers.

You can access their up-to-date information here.

Do you require Support Coordination?

If you have a current plan and are wanting assistance to access your NDIS funding – you can talk to us. We can provide you with the assistance you require through Support Coordination, to organise and access the supports that you want and deserve.  

Temporary Transition Payment:

The NDIA has introduced the TTP in the price guide for 2020–21. This replaces the Temporary Support for overheads.

Monkami invoices for the TTP in accordance with the current price guide.